A professionally landscaped garden can turn your property into your paradise and at JT Landscapes we understand that every client is different. Your perfect outdoor space should be a reflection of your individual needs and desires, and provide you with a welcoming and beautiful environment suitable to yourself and your family.

The professional tradesmen at JT Landscapes will listen to your ideas and offer experienced suggestions to assist you when it comes to designing your dream outdoor environment. Whether we are starting from scratch with a new design or revamping your existing garden JT Landscapes will work with you every step of the way, listening to your ideas, discussing options within your landscaping budget and providing professional advice to ensure your vision can become a reality.

Increasing the value of your property

Did you know….that adding a professionally landscaped garden to your property can also significantly increase its value. JT Landscapes specialise in increasing the value of properties through their stylish and unique landscape designs. If you are looking to sell then a professionally landscaped garden can be just the trick to grab people’s attention and get those buyers walking in the door to take a look.


Assorted tiles design


JT Landscapes have a qualified team who are experienced in all forms of paving and we offer a vast range of paving services to suit your individual needs. JT Landscapes specialise in large format paving, from natural stone to concrete pavers. We also offer outdoor tiling in a range of impressive designs.

Paving can add a strong stylish element which is both pleasing to look at and low maintenance. Whether you wish to construct a garden path, courtyard area, patio or driveway JT Landscapes can provide you with the right advice on colour, design and materials. Our team of experienced professionals are highly skilled when it comes to paving and tiling no matter what surface they are working with. Please take a look at our gallery page to view some of our previous work.


The average driveway makeover can add thousands of dollars to the value of your home, not to mention the aesthetically pleasing effect a new, sleek driveway can add to the appearance of your home. Your driveway, as the entrance to your home should never be overlooked. Remember you only get one chance to make a first impression.

Whether you are after a more pleasing appearance when it comes to guests visiting your home or you would like to add value to your property by improving the access and external appearance JT Landscapes can help you. Many people are surprised at how little it can cost to improve the appearance and functionality of your driveway. Whether you have a small budget or a large one JT Landscapes can provide you with a professional and cost effective design that can make all the difference.


If you love living the outdoor lifestyle, or entertaining friends in the comfort of your own home then a deck or pergola can be a major feature for your property. A deck or pergola can really extend your living area and provide the perfect place to relax with family or friends.

JT Landscapes can provide you with a deck or pergola design which will make the most of the space you have available whilst providing a welcoming and functional place for relaxation. Our professional team of landscapers are able to construct deck or pergola areas from a variety of quality materials suitable to your budget.


JT Landscapes can design and construct a variety of outdoor entertainment areas. Creating impressive outdoor kitchen and BBQ areas for the warmer months, through to cosy fire pit areas, ensuring that you can make the most of your outdoor space during winter.



As well as being pleasant to look at, retaining walls can be very important when it comes to the structural element of your outdoor area. Without some well constructed retaining walls landscaping on a sloping block can be unstable when it comes to establishing flowerbeds or gardens.

JT Landscapes are able to construct a wide range of retaining walls from brick and block through to sleeper and stone walls. JT Landscapes will provide expert advice and construction techniques, for both straight and curved retaining walls.


Water Features or ponds are the perfect way to add an interesting and individual element to your outdoor area. The sounds and visual effect produced by an artistically designed water feature can add a tranquil ambience to your home and garden.

When it comes to landscaping water features are becoming increasingly popular. JT Landscapes have installed many water features and ponds on their job sites over the years and are able to provide you with ideas and designs that will provide you with the look you are seeking to achieve. Some types of water features available are ponds with fish and plants, water fountains, man made streams and waterfalls.

A center piece and plenty of plants and trees


JT Landscapes provide a professional service in coping laying, general pool paving surrounds, water features and pool side decking. Whether your pool is old or new JT Landscapes can assist when it comes to creating the perfect look for the surrounding area.

Choosing a quality pool coping or edging is crucial in the overall design of your pool, and we are here to help. JT Landscapes can provide professional advice in relation to the selection of materials and the design of your pool area including information on products that will withstand the salt and chemicals in the pool, and products that provide a non-slip surface. Our professional tradesmen can ensure that you get the right finish for your pool.

With contacts in Sydney, JT Landscapes are often able to source and supply a wider range of materials, which are not readily available in the local area.



Minimising water loss is a concern to many people. Making the most of the water you use to tend your garden is an important consideration. JT Landscapes experienced professionals can supply and install many different kinds of irrigation and sprinkler systems and will assist you with advice on which system will be the right one for you.

JT Landscapes can also design a drought tolerant landscape for your property.


Is there a problem with drainage on your property? Does the water pool in one particular area? or perhaps run like a river through your property when there is heavy rain? No matter what your surface area (sandy soil, clay like soil etc…), or the slope of your property, JT Landscapes can provide a suggested solution to minimise your drainage issue.

Our team of qualified tradesmen have experience in dealing with many kinds of drainage issues and can control your drainage problems using box drains, Ag line, channel drains and drainage pits to name just a few of the solutions on offer. If you would like to discuss your drainage problems please feel free to call us for an obligation free consultation on 0416 251 841.

a bunch of flower that are sitting in the grass
Pond and a beautiful rock formation


Would you like to add instant colour and a lush look and feel to your outdoor area? How about a new lawn? Turfing is a fast, efficient and simple method to transform any outdoor area into a beautiful and tranquil space for you and your family.

JT Landscapes can supply and install high quality roll-on turf to suit your garden’s specific requirements. This means that proper consideration will be given to soil preparation and selection of the turf variety. Before making a decision on which turf to lay a variety of considerations will be taken into account when discussing the selection with the client. To ensure the right selection is made when it comes to your new lawn our team will provide advice on your property’s soil type, shade and sunlight exposure, the desired colour and texture of your lawn grass, water requirements and growth rates (i.e. approximately how often your lawn will need to be mowed).

Once you have selected has been made our experienced team will order and lay the correct amount of turf suitable to the area. Before leaving the job site your landscaper will provide you with advice on how to look after and maintain your new lawn.


Stonework is one of the most important features of a good landscape. Stone features can come in many designs and can lend an artistic and entertaining vibe to your landscaped area. JT Landscapes have experienced tradesmen who are passionate and dedicated when it comes to this particular type of landscaping.

Whether you are considering the warmth of a sandstone retaining wall, a well placed archway, a combination stone and water feature or perhaps some large decorative stones and rocks JT Landscapes can assist you with design ideas and installation.

Concrete stairway


Backdoor glass and surrounded by plants and a tree
JT Landscapes offer obligation free consultations.If you would like to make an appointment with one of our experienced landscape professionals please contact us on 0416 251 841 or through our contact page.

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